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  Clinton Confronted By Voter Who Thinks Her Record Shows She Doesn’t Care About Africa
Posted by: macoow - 03-28-2017, 10:31 AM - Forum: Somali Comments - No Replies

Hillary Clinton had a tense confrontation with a young Somali-American woman in Minnesota Tuesday over her checkered past on racial issues.

The woman greeted Clinton and then brought up the "super-predator" remarks she made in the 1990s in support of a tough federal crime bill that Black Lives Matter protesters have deemed overly harsh on minorities.

A protester interrupted a private fundraiser to confront Clinton about the same comment last week.

This time, the conversation was more in the open.

"Well first of all, that comment was made one time," Clinton said. "I've always been in favor of young people [getting more] opportunities."

Clinton touted a speech she gave early in the campaign that included speaking out against racial profiling, but the young woman was unimpressed, asking how blacks could be sure Clinton would be "accountable to black communities now."

"I think, you know, you can look at my history," Clinton said. "I always have been."

"I don't think that's true," the young women said. "[I've looked] at your history and that's not what happened."

"I'm happy to give you more information, and the reason so many black and [inaudible] people across the country support me is because they know me. They know what I've done, and they know that I mean what I say, and I will have a very comprehensive agenda to deal with a lot of the problems," Clinton said.

She added she was proud to have support in the Somali-American community, but the young woman appeared to dismiss Clinton touting having the endorsement of a Somali-American councilman, flustering Clinton.

"You know what, dear?" Clinton asked. "You have a different opinion. He is a Somali elected to the City Council. I'm really proud of that."

The woman said something unclear, to which Clinton responded, "Why don't you go run for something then?"

"I'm working for a Somali-American," she replied as she turned to leave.

"Well, good, good luck to you," Clinton said, laughing.

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  More than 40 refugees killed in helicopter attack on boat in Yemen while trying to fl
Posted by: daacshe - 03-20-2017, 11:09 PM - Forum: Somali Comments - Replies (1)

UN says it is ‘appalled’ by massacre as worsening conflict forces people to flee
[Image: yemen-refugee-boat-attack.jpg]
People carry the body of a Somali refugee, killed in attack by a helicopter while travelling in a vessel off Yemen, at the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, Yemen, 17 March Reuters

More than 40 Somali refugees have been killed in an attack on a boat off the coast of Yemen while attempting to flee the country’s brutal civil war.

Coastguard authorities in the Houthi rebel stronghold of Hodeida said a helicopter gunship attacked the vessel they were travelling on in the Red Sea.

A Yemeni people smuggler who survived the attack said the boat had set sail overnight, aiming to cross to Sudan.

Al-Hassan Ghaleb Mohammed said women and children were among his passengers from the port of Ras Arra, along the southern coastline in Yemen’s Hodeida province. 
[Image: yemen-refugee-boats.jpg]
African migrants on a boat in the southern port city of Aden on 26 September 2016, before being deported to Somalia (Getty)

He told the Associated Press that their boat had reached around 30 miles from shore when the helicopter gunship approached and opened fire, sparking panic on board. 
Migrants finally managed to hold up torches to show they were civilians, when he said the helicopter stopped firing. 

Photos that were too graphic to publish showed the bodies of women and men in civilian clothes lying on top of one another in the partially destroyed boat, their belongings splattered with blood. Children were believed to be among the dead.

Mohamed al-Alay, a coastguard official, told Reuters the refugees, carrying official UN documents, were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab-el-Mandeb strait.

Houthi rebels accused the Saudi-led air coalition of carrying out the attack, following heavy bombardment in the area, where it accuses Shia fighters of smuggling weapons into Hodeida in small boats.

The International Organisation for Migration said at least 42 people had been killed and dozens injured on the boat, which had about 140 people on board. The survivors – 75 men and 15 women – were taken to detention centres.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said it was “deeply distressed” by the casualties and called for all parties in the Yemeni civil war to protect civilians in accordance with international law.

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Posted by: daacshe - 03-20-2017, 10:46 PM - Forum: Somali Comments - Replies (1)

Trump Hustled Off Stage by Security Agents

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump turned on the country’s Somali community on Sunday during a speech in Minnesota.
The Republican candidate promised to crack down on “faulty refugee-vetting” if he is elected, saying that large numbers of Somali refugees had settled illegally in Minnesota due to lax procedures.

“Everybody’s reading about the disaster taking placing in Minnesota,” Trump said at a rally in the strongly Democratic state, the Guardian reported.

Newsweek took a closer look at some of Trump's claims about Somali-Americans.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 6. Trump said that Minnesota's Somali refugee population was spreading extremism across the country.
[Image: donald-trump-minneapolis.jpg]

What Trump said: “Here in Minnesota, you’ve seen first hand the problems caused with faulty refugee-vetting, with very large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, your support or approval.”

Trump is right that large numbers of Somali refugees have settled in Minnesota. 76,000 Somalis live in the U.S., according to 2010 census data, with the highest concentration in Minnesota. The so-called Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have a well-established Somali community, thought to be in the tens of thousands.

It's not clear how many illegal or “unvetted” Somali refugees have settled in Minnesota. In terms of official refugee resettlement, however, the biggest influx of Somali refugees to the U.S. occurred during the Republican administration of George W. Bush, between the financial years 2004-2006, according to CNS News. In that three-year period, more than 33,000 Somali refugees were admitted to the country. This is likely to correspond with a period of heightened instability in Somalia—a transitional federal government was formed in late 2004 but the capital, Mogadishu, fell to Islamist militants in June 2006.

Trump said: “Some of them [are] joining ISIS and spreading their extremist views over all our country and all over the world.”

Trump was apparently referring to the case of three young Somali American men who were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder overseas in Minnesota in June. The three were part of a wider group of 10 who hatched a plan to leave the U.S. for Syria, where they intended to join the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). (One of them is believed to be in Syria now). The plot was uncovered by the FBI after the organization recruited a Somali-American informant who was previously part of the group.

More than 20 young men have also left Minnesota to join the Somali extremist group Al-Shabab, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda, according to the BBC. Some of the recruits have gone on to commit attacks for Al-Shabab: Abdisalan Hussein Ali, a 22-year-old who grew up in Minneapolis, carried out a suicide bombing on African Union troops in the Somali capital Mogadishu in 2011.

[Image: al-shabab-fighters-mogadishu.jpg]
Al-Shabab fighters rally in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, October 30, 2009. Several young men have left Minnesota to join the militant group.

But in light of Trump’s comments, Minnesotans have been quick to emphasize the positive contribution made by Somali immigrants. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges, a Democrat, posted a message to Trump on Facebook following the latter’s speech. “Minneapolis is a better, stronger place for having our Somali and East African immigrants and refugees in it,” said Hodges. “It is a privilege and an honor to be the mayor of the city with the largest Somali population in this country.”

In the election for the Minnesota House of Representatives, both the Democratic and the Republican candidates standing for one district (the District 60B) are Somali, meaning that the victor will become the country’s first Somali-American legislator.

Trump suggested his administration would have prevented “the recent terrorist knife attack in St. Cloud.”

The Republican candidate was referring to an attack carried out by Dahir Ahmed Adan, a 20-year-old Somali American man from St. Cloud, a city in Minnesota. The suspect stabbed 10 people before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer, and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack via its semi-official Amaq news agency.

Local Somali leaders condemned the attack as the actions of an individual rather than the community, but the stabbing reportedly resulted in a spike in anti-immigrant and Islamophobic messages online, the Guardian reported.

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  Trump's comments on MN Somalis draw sharp response
Posted by: daacshe - 03-20-2017, 10:36 PM - Forum: Somali Comments - No Replies

[Image: trumprally.jpg]
Somali-Americans and their supporters reacted harshly Monday to Republican Donald Trump's remarks during his brief weekend visit to Minnesota.
In his rally at an airport hangar on Sunday, the GOP presidential candidate told supporters that Minnesota had "suffered enough" for taking in thousands of Somali refugees.

He said Minnesota had seen first-hand the problems caused by what he described as faulty refugee vetting, "with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, without your support or approval, and with some of them then joining ISIS and spreading their extremist views all over our country and all over the world."

• NewsCut: After Trump attack, a defense of fellow Minnesotans

In Minneapolis on Monday, outside a dark-green building that houses both Afro Deli and the African Development Center, a woman in her 30s said Trump's comments were not only ignorant but dangerous.

"Yesterday, one of my friends actually had somebody chase him with a car, calling him 'Terrorist, get out of the country,'" she said. "That's danger. That's what Trump created in this community."

She refused to give her name, fearing backlash for speaking out against Trump.

"Somali people are hard-working," she said. "Every Somali community that I've seen, they're either working for themselves, or looking for work, for something to do ... 

What are the percentage of the people that have left to go fight for terrorist groups?"
Another woman, a 25-year-old refugee from Somalia, also didn't want to give her name. "If he wants to be a president, a president needs to be a person who's there for everybody," she said. "I'm not hating him or anything like that ... 

I felt so hurt when he said refugee people who are not citizens ... 'are going to go back to where they belong.'"
Trump's comments also offended U.S. Sen. Al Franken. On his way down to Faribault, the Minnesota Democrat said Trump was exploiting people's ignorance.
"He's been going around the country, doing this kind of thing, appealing to people's fears, and doing it in a calculated way," Franken said. "He basically said the Somali community was spreading terrorism around Minnesota, and that we've seen it here. And we haven't."
Franken said he attended a high school graduation ceremony this year in Willmar, where the class of 2016 was about 65 percent white, 15 or 20 percent Hispanic and 10 to 15 percent Somali.

"These kids love each other," Franken said. "That's what America is all about. ... That's what Minnesota is about. We don't need someone who is trying to tear us apart. And that's why he's going to lose."

On her public Facebook page, Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American and DFL candidate for state representative, said: "Yet again, Donald Trump rallied for intolerance ... in the land of 10,000 lakes, warm hearts, and Minnesota nice, the only thing we suffer from is an acute sense of progressivism!"

Mohamed Kali, executive director of Somali American Community Radio, said he and other community leaders "reject this message of division, and the name-calling. We should not let Donald Trump change the fundamental values of Minnesotans."
He and other Somali-American community leaders, including CAIR Minnesota, condemned Trump's words and encouraged everyone to make their votes on Tuesday count.

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  Habka loo soo ceshto password
Posted by: daacshe - 03-19-2017, 10:04 AM - Forum: Special Page For Ahmed Liido - Replies (4)

Asc walaalayaal waxaan idiin ka codsanayaa suaal ku saabsan teknolojiga.
waxaa iga dhumay email aad muhiim ii ah oo aan u baahanahy basworka ayaa iga dhumay mana xasuusti qeebta sirta waxaan ku qortay.
taleefoonkii aan ku dalbaday goorta aan sameeyay emailka waan bedelay.
Maxaa talo ah aad isiin kartaan
Idinkoo mahad san

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  complaints SportsDirect.com
Posted by: Martin - 03-17-2017, 02:47 AM - Forum: Bad customer service - Replies (1)

I can honestly say this is the wurst experience I have ever received. 
The Bristol Broad mead store the manager has poor attitude rudest/ arrogant 

SportsDirect customer service in this company doesnt exist


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  mountains o' things lyrics
Posted by: daacshe - 03-14-2017, 01:06 AM - Forum: Somali Musicians - No Replies

Tracy Chapman

The life I've always wanted 
I guess I'll never have
I'll be working for somebody else 
Until I'm in my grave 
I'll be dreaming of a live of ease 
And mountains Oh mountains o' things

To have a big expensive car
Drag my furs on the ground 
And have a maid that I can tell
To bring me anything 
Everyone will look at me with envy and with greed 
I'll revel in their attention 
And mountains Oh mountains o' things

Sweet lazy life 
Champagne and caviar 
I hope you'll come and find me 
Cause you know who we are 
Those who deserve the best in life 
And know what money's worth 
And those whose sole misfortune 
Was having mountains o' nothing at birth

Oh they tell me 
There's still time to save my soul 
They tell me 
Renounce all 
Renounce all those material things you gained by 
Exploiting other human beings

Consume more than you need 
This is the dream
Make you pauper 
Or make you queen 
I won't die lonely 
I'll have it all prearranged 
A grave that's deep and wide enough 
For me and all my mountains o' things

Mostly I feel lonely 
Good good people are
Good people are only 
My stepping stones 
It's gonna take all my mountains o' things 
To surround me 
Keep all my enemies away
Keep my sadness and loneliness at bay
I'll be dreaming, dreaming... Dreaming...

Songwriters: Tracy L Chapman
Mountains o’ Things lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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  Abdulkhadir Mohamuud
Posted by: baafe - 03-10-2017, 01:36 AM - Forum: Somali baafin - Replies (5)

Asc asxabta
Abdulkhadir Mohamuud He is gone missing without any clue

[Image: missing.jpg]
Please give any informaion where he is 
or call us 07932825575
Special thanks From The admin team

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  Taariiqdii Dadka iyo Deegaanka Reer Gendershe
Posted by: murad - 03-10-2017, 12:28 AM - Forum: Qabiilada somaliya - No Replies


Mahad iyo amaan waxaa mudan mowlihii na abuuray, ku dayashana waxaa leh nebbi Muxamad(n.n.k.h).
Intaas kadib:

Buugan sababta igu kaliftay inaan qoro waxay tahay waxaa lumay taariikhdii soo jireenka ahayd ee ay lahaayeen Dadka iyo Degaanka Gendershe oo hadaba lumay qaar ka mid ah taariikhdaas sidaas daraadeed ayaan isku dayay inaan qoro buugan oo ah buug yar oo kooban.

Walaal hadaad ku aragtid wax qalad ah buugan igu kaalmee inaad i saxdid.
Waxaan u mahad celinayaa dadkii igu garab galay in uu soo baxo Buuggan iyo dadkii igu kaaalmeeyay hilitaanka taariikhda uu ka hadlayo buugan.




Deegaanwaynaha Gendershe waa deegaan ka tirsan degmada Marka ee gobolka Shabeelada Hoose ee Dalka Soomaaliya.
Deegaanwaynaha Gendershe magaalada Muqdisho waxay u jirtaa 45km dhinaca xeebta.

waxay xuduud la wadaagtaa: Bari waxaa ka xiga tuulada Dhanaane Waqooyi waxaa ka xiga Dooxooyin yar yar oo aad u qurux badan, Galbeedna waxaa ka xiga tuulada Jilib-Marka, Koonfurna waxaa ka saaran Badwaynta Hindiya iyo Geedaha Qunbaha ee ku teedsan Xeebta iyo geedka loo yaqaan Showriga oo ay caanka ku tahay.

Magaca Gendershe waa magac asal ahaan kasoo jeeda wadanka iiraan, balse waaa dad asal ahaan kasoo jeeda Dalka yaman gaar ahaan gobolka Xadarmuud.

iminka waa Dad Soomaali ah waxaana Dalka Soomaaliya loogu yaqaanaa magacyo seddex ah oo kalla ah:

1-Shiiqaal Gendershe waana magaca ugu wayn.
2-Reer aw Garwayne.
3- Reer Cusmaan Faqi Cumar.

Qofkii ugu horeeyay ee degay Gendershe wuxuu ahaa nin wadaad ah oo la oran jiray Sheekh Cusmaan Faqi cumar(Aw-Garwyne) oo ay ku abtirsadaan Dadka degan Gendershe.

Sheekh Cusmaan Garwayne wuxuu guursaday Gabar reer Baraawe ah oo la oran jiray (BINTI) oo biida ah (waa gibil cadka Baraawe), Shiikha wuxuu dhalay seddex wiil iyo hal gabar waxaana ugu waynaa: 1- Maad-sheekh, 2- Ibraahim 3- Yaxye oo ku magac dheeraa (ISGOOWE). iyo 4- gabadha oo la oran jiray Barka.

Dadka deegaanka Gendershe ku abtirsada waa todobo juffo oo kalla ah:

1- Maad-sheekh 
2- Reer Ibraahim
3- Reer Isgoowe 
4- Reer Muraad 
5- Gaameedle 
6- Naakhude 
7- Mehri.

Sheekh Cusmaan Faqi Cumar (AW- GARWEYNE) aabihii Faqi Cumar waqxaa lagu dilay Xamar halka hadda loo yaqaano Masjidka Arbaca Rukun oo ku taal degmada Xamar wayne, waxaana lagu aasay meesha hadda uu ku yaalo Masjidka Marwaas ee degmada Xamar wayne.
Shiikha markuu degay Gendershe waxaa lagu qiyaasaa kun iyo konton[1050] sano ilaa iyo kun iyo boqol iyo konton[1150] sano ku dhawaad.
Hadaba waxaa xusid mudan in dadka ku noolaa Gendershe ay ahaayeen dad aad u neceb Gaalada iyo Gumaysiga aadna u jecel Islaamka, dadka deriskana aad u xushmayn jiray waxaana tusaale kaaga filan waqtigii gumaysiga Talyaaniga uu rabay inuu qabsado Marka iyo nawaaxigeeda waxaa ka difaacay Beelha Biimaaal iyo Shiiqaal-Gendershe oo wada deganaa Marka.

Beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe iyo Beesha Biimaal waxaa ka dhexeeya Islaanimo, Soomaalinimo iyo weliba Derisnimo soo jireen ah.
Dagaaladii u dhaxeeyay Beelaha Biimaal iyo Shiiqaal-Gendershe oo dhinac ah iyo gumaystihii talyaaniga waxaa ay beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe ku waysay dad badan waxaa ka mid ah sideed ruux oo meel ay jaan iyo cirib dhigeen la waayay balse waxaa la sheegay in loo diray Xarunta Daraawiishta ee uu hogaaminayay Sayid Maxamed Cabdulle Xasan si ay uga helaan garab hiil iyo hooba leh.

Waxaan isku dayay inaan helo magacyada sideedaas ruux waana ii suurto geli wayday. waxaa in hoosta laga xariiqo mudan in dagaaladaas raggii hogaaminayay ay qaarkooda ahaayeen Shiiqaal-Gendershe.

waxay kalloo ka qayb galeen dagaalo badan sida kii u dhaxeeyay beelaha Biimaal iyo Shiiqaal-Gendershe oo isku dhinac ahaa iyo beelo fara badan oo deganaan jiray dhulka loo yaqaan (Dhoobooy) waxaana hogaaminayay beesha Goobroon oo uu madax u ahaa Suldaan Axmed Yuusuf.

waxay kalloo ka qayb galeen Dagaalo badan oo aan halkan lagu soo koobi karin waxayna had iyo jeer ay is kaashan jireen Beesha Biimaal.
Walaal dib aan ugu noqono seddexda wiil ee uu dhalay Aw-Garwayne waayo? Degaanka Gendershe waagaa waxaa ku noolaa Shiikha iyo Xaaskiisa iyo seddexda wiil iyo walaashooda, hadaba waxaa is waydiin mudan seddexda wiil ee uu dhalay Aw-Garwayne naagaha ay guursadeen yay ahaayeen, maxayse dhaleen?.

1- wiilasha waxaa ugu waynaa oo curad ahaa (MAAD-Sheekh) wuxuu guursaday gabar u dhalatay beesha TUNNI wuxuuna dhalay seddex wiil oo kala ahaa: 

1- Sadiiq Maad-sheekh. 
2- Aw-nuur Maadsheekh.
3- Asad Maad sheekh oo aan isaga farac ka tegin.

2- Ibraahim oo ahaa wiilka labaad asagana wuxuu guursaday gabar u dhalatay beesha JIIDO wuxuuna dhalay seddex wiil oo la kala oran jiray: 

1- Ijeewo 
2- Sadiiq 
3- Macalin dheere.

3- Isgoowe oo ugu yaraa wiilasha asagana wuxuu guursaday gabar u dhalatay beeshe BAGADI, wuxuuna dhalay seddex wiil oo kala ah:

1- Maxamed Isgoowe 
2- Warre Isgowe 
3- Tamaan Isgoowe.

Waxaa sidoo kale mudan in aan laga tagin jufooyinka kalle ee ku abtirsada beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe sida:
4- Aw-muraad oo ah wiilasha Adeerkooda wuxuuna dhalay seddex wiil oo kalla ah:

1- Abba Nuur 
2- Cusmaan 
3- Barakaat.

5- Gaameedle wuxuu dhalay afar wiil oo la kalla oran jiray:

1- Xaaji Wasaa'id 
2- Cabaas 
3- Aanis ,br> 4- Xaaji Amiin.

6- Naakhude wuxuu dhalay labo wiil oo kala ah:

1- Xaaji Maxamuud aw Waraabe 
2- Xaaji Xaramayn.

7- Mehri wuxuu dhalay afar wiil oo kala ah:

1- Maxamed Awsheekh
2- Mursal 
3- Xuseen 
4- Faqi Cabdi.

Waxaa in hoosta laga xariiqo mudan halyayadii u soo baxay Dadka iyo degaanka Gendershe in la xuso waxaana ka mid ah halyaygii waynaa isla markaana ahaa duqii ugu horeeyay ee magaalada Muqdisho Maxamed Sheekh Jamaal Cabdullahi (JAMAAL JEBIYE) iyo mucjisadii kubada cagta Soomaaliyeed Maxamed Xuseen Cali(Shiikhaaloow) iyo majaajilistaha wayn ee caanka ah Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh Maxamed (AWKOOMBE) oo ahaa mu'alifkii Riwaayada (XAMAREEY yaa arkay) iyo majaajiliistaha kalle ee asna caanka ah Jarlees Cadde iyo kuwo oo aan halkan ku soo koobi karin.

Dadka degaanka Gendershe noloshooda waxay ku xiran tahay Beeraha iyo Kaluunmaysiga. waxaa ka dhisnaan jirtay Dekad yar oo ilaa hada raadkeeda muuqdo waxaana ku soo xiran jiray doonyaha waawayn (xariin) waxayna keeni jireen Dharka, Raashiinka, Bagashka iwm ah, waxaana keeni jiray dad u kala dhashay Yaman, Cumaan, Masar, Iiraan, Giriig, Turki, Ciraaqiyiin iyo kuwo kalle oo fara badan, iyagana waxay ka qaadan jireen Subaga, Malabka, Kaluunka iyo Qumbaha.

Daka reer Gendershe waa dad looga danbeeyo farsamaynta macmacaanka sida Roootiga, Doolshaha, Buskutka, Xalwada, Sisinta, Baalbaalowga, Shuushuumowga iwm ah.

Beerahooda waxay ku yaalaan nambar lixdan, [No. 60]. Beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe waxay u badan yihiin Dad culumo ah waxaana soo maray culumo fara badan waxaana ka mid ah:
Sheekh Maxamed Sheekh Axmed Sheekh Isxaaq, Xaaji Maxamed Awsheekh, Sheekh Axmed Jahbadane, Xaaji Aways aa Tamaan, Sheekh Jamaal Sheekh Cabdullaahi, Sheekh Maxamed Axmed (Heeji Hiiraan), Sheekh Cusmaan Maaroow, Shacadow aw Cumar(aw boqol jire), Aw Sheekh Axmadeey Macalin, Sheekh Axmed Maaroow, Sheekh Maxmed Sh.Cali, Xaaji Abuukar aw sheekh, Sh. Cabdi Maaroow, iyo Culumo kalle oo aan magacyadooda halkan ku soo koobi karin.

Dadka reer Gendershe ama u dhashay ama ku abtirsada waxay ku nool yihiin meelo fara badan oo dalka ka mid ah sida: Gobolkka Shabeelada Hoose oo dhan ayay degan yihiin iyo meelo ka oo kamida koonfurta Soomaaliya.

Beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe waxay leedahay Ciyaaro Hiddo iyo Dhaqan u gaar ah tasoo ay ciyaaraan dumarka oo keliya waqtiga Guurka ciyaartaas oo lagu magacaaabo (Abaasa Guuloow) waxay kalloo caan ay ku yihhiin (xayeet) tasoo ragga u gaar ah.

Beesha Shiiqaal-Gendershe waxay ahaan jireen dad geesiyaal ah oo culumo ah,waxayna lahaan jireen hal hogaan oo midaysan, waxayna ahaan jireen dad kala danbeeya ha noqoto Duqowda, Dumarka, Culumada, Dhalinyarada iwm ah.

Fiiro Gaara:

wixii su'aalo ah waxaad waydiin kartaa ama wixii tallo ,tusaale iyo toosin ahba soo waydii qofka qoray buugan. 

Waxaa Qoray: Ad-ham Amiinullahi Maxamed 
Email: ad-ham@...
+2521 5594571

Fadlan noola socodsii Hadii aad ku aragto qoraal aflagaado 
Ama qoraalada Caadiga ka baxsan qeebta Commentska Mahadsinidiin

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