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lawsuit Somali music copyright - amir - 11-19-2018

SomaliStudio has filed lawsuit Somali music copyright against Tusmo band 
after performing live in the night club couple times without permission in Ethiopia this songs was originally founded by SomaliStudio 1981 on behalf Shareero band the song call Diriyaan singed originally by qadiijo qalanjo.
Tusmo band has re-produced the songs without permission and it has come on the market for sale after remake and made it good profits.
Now SomaliStudio has filed  copyright damage and suing the Tusmo band big time for Statutory damages under copyright the case has started mid 2017 lasted until Feb 2018 and the judge has ruled in favor to SomaliStudio their claim was successful.
Finally someone has learned lesson music copyright in east Africa

RE: lawsuit Somali music copyright - fatima143 - 12-13-2018

I am glad Somali Studio is taking is own action fighting against Somali music copyright, Somalia never had any problem music copyright issues when the country had staple government. 
However now day the people who leaves other countries are taking advantages something called lost tapes of Somali musics they are registering Somali musics their own copyright without the owners consents and selling online CDs and other formats which is crazy. 
We have seen it many songs was founded and produced by SomaliStudio on behalf of Shareero bands  durdur band  and iftin bands songs for sale online.
Something need to be done.
Bless the wealthy kid behind the organisation