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Advice for Somali girls
Ders some certain things u lot should know bout what men think bout u lot...

1. We all want a good girl that wears hijab n doesn't go out n is nice at heart n being pretty is a bonus ok...Every guy wants a girl like this, so don't bother try be rebellious OK....The only problem is that we link other 'rebellious' girls at the same time.

2. Girls that give head and have sex with a guy before gettin married is officially a sket...Hands down...No matter what we say...Guyz talk bout u...If u have had sex or given head...Even once...Ur officially a hoe...Dont bother gettin married to a nice guy...Its over for u.

3. Girls who r bareeeeeeee addicted to shiisha is a total off put...If u like it a lot...Dont tell the guy u like...Make out u like it in moderation OK.

4. Every guy chews....No matter what we say...We all chew...Im tellin u dis...Even the guyz u never expected...We chew chad...N we r ashamed of tellin girls...Its a well kept secret.

5. Girls who know a lot of boiz is a total off put...Keep ur 'guy-knowing' to a minimum.

6. Msn girls...Only good for linkin...Only wastemanz go out wiv dem...If ur bait on msn...Get off that sh!T str8 away.

7. Girls who want to be famous on the net....I.E. Girls who have their pics everywhere....Msn...Myspace..Hi5...Just so they can feel better bout themselvs when wasted guyz say 'hey gal ur chooong'...Its not good for ur rep in the long run trust me.

8. Girls who have nicknames...I.E 'lady terror or lady bang or wotever' u r officially ceeyal n r limited to going out wiv boiz 16-17 years of age.

9. There are some decent guyz out der ok...If u believe we r all wastemanz n sh!T...Dats not true...Some guyz actually r really nice n thoughtful n well on top of their education...Look out for dem in places like library's n book reviews n stuff yh.

10. If u date a guy...Dont give him a kiss or anyfin...Anyfin until u really like him and make sure that he likes u...And he genuinely is a nice guy that u could go out with in the long run...Otherwise u will regret it...Even if it is a kiss...Trust...Ive seen how my boiz speak.

Anyway ladies...Those r just my thoughts n my experiences as I leave my era of being a 'hoodrat', thought I mite as well give u lot an 'inside view'


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