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Robert collette aristide
Diinleeya the italian singer
Robert collette aristide
in Somalia people use to call his name Robert cavelette which is wrong.

Roberto was born in Bologna
and he was DJ musician and singer in the local bars in roma 1971 to 1977
He had Somali wife and 2 children's Unfortunately after
tragic accident his Somali wife and his two children's died car crash in padua outside Basilica di Sant'Antonio the main road when their car stopped at the traffic light skip driver lost control in ice road.

But his wife died instantly in the crush and one child and the second child died 6 days after.
Robert recovered from that ordeal he was in hospital view weeks

Roberto suffered depression for almost 2 years before moving to Spain and then 8 months after to Somalia  
unfortunately Roberto he died for heart attack after overdose medication.
however the autopsy revealed Roberto's death was suicidal of overdose.
However some people make rumours about his death caused by AIDS which is not true
Roberto left good memory to the Somali community the song called diinleeya
The reason of this song was Roberto wife was from beydabo and grow up in janale Somalia and she spoke Maaymaay
and he chooses to sing for her in Maaymaay.
Here is the full clip

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