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How dangerous is Somalia for tourists?
I have been hearing Things have improved is it safe to go?
The Answer is an excellent starting point. I'll add that:

A key distinction to make is the difference in risk for three different groups. (1) Somali diaspora who can physically (visually) blend in are at a disproportionately small risk comparatively. I'm one of them (Somali-American) and in Mogadishu now, feeling safe 95% of the time. (2) Non-Somalis who can purchase private security guards and have friends here and who will stay briefly, this is very possible for a short visit. (3) Non-Somalis who have no ties to Somalia and not willing to purchase security. Such individuals are to stay away at all costs. My comment is also mainly relevant for Mogadishu. Some areas are no man's land, and some regions, like Somaliland or Puntland, are comparatively easier to remain in as a non-Somali or diaspora alike.
But i really go once in my whole life, because it will be a adventures trip for me Smile

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