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How to remove the “Islemag powered by WordPress
Hi, team

please to help me to remove “Islemag powered by WordPress” from the footer

Special thanks
If you need help the best way is to provide more info about the code not just to ask support as we are not familiar with theme you are seeking help for. 
anyway here is the answer

wp islemag is in the footer
The footer text is misleading:
Islemag proudly powered by WordPress
does not exist in the footer.

however what you can do to removed Islemag proudly powered by WordPress
Go to style all the way down past this code 

.col-md-4.col-md-pull-8.powerdby {
   visibility: hidden;
I hope this will resolve your issue.

Best Regards
Thank you Ahmed liido
you are life saving you make my day

just quick question regarding footer after I did removed Islemag powered by WordPress I have blank space
How do I add my custom footer details 

Thanks Boss

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