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Hassan Adam Samatar

Among the most influential and enduring of Somali singers, Samatar has a musical corpus of over 200 songs, and has performed several duets with other popular Somali artists, including Saado cali, Khadija Qalanjo and Seynab
Haji Ali.
Samatar credits his exposure to Somali folklore and cultural festivals at a young age with his artistic achievements:

As a young boy growing up in Diinsoor, I used to go to [the] town center to watch dances and celebrations by townsfolk. These were mesmerizing and I think because of seeing all of that I always wanted to sing and perform.

Samatar also encourages Somali parents in the diaspora to teach their children the rich Somali culture, particularly songs and poetry, so that the youth will appreciate the beauty of their traditions and draw pride from that.

And Here is a song that is Hassan Adam Samatar's They will say name at the begin to if you want skip too 0:45 or 0:40
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