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Mareexaan guy refuses to vacate Mogadishu airport director post ! LOL
Is it me or is Sahal spinning the whole Murusade maternal bit a little too hard to try to provoke Abgaal? Whether Thaabit has Murusade rer abti or not, Abgaal would have been Governor regardless of who it was.

Reminds me of Alasow on that video saying the PM is PM because his wife is MR, the commander of the army who is Saruur is in that position because his sister is married to MR, Saacid the Layl Kase is the Police Commander because his mom is MR, and Wacaysle Port manager is in that position because his wife is MR. Like how the hell do people go around with this stuff and even know whose wife, mom, or sister's husband is??

It's like Sahal saying Mustafe Dhuxuloow named Subeyda the xoogheeye for Banaadir. Why couldn't Dhuxuloow name himself a minister? He was a former minister and capable to be a minister. Subayda is from my city of Seattle and was part of Farmaajo's campaign. He supported her bid to be a xildhibaan and when she failed he promised her a position in his government.

I still think it's all anti-Abgaalism

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