Farmaajo 1986-87 the rape

The police supreme commander Cabdilaahi cabdi raxman Reveals the rape case committed 1986-87 by Farmajo and two others mans

The offence has been covered up and never brought them into the criminal justice system 

The reason behind that because those mans committed this trouble offence they get away with it because their family were powerful member of the Somali government the ruling Siad barre government and those three mans was untouchable.

During 1980s the marehan clan was very powerfull under the Somali dictator Siad barre government.

However the victim family was been paid some money to remain quiet and they didn’t have no other choice to accept the offer

The victim was named Faadumo Careys Ciise Kaarshe.

Now Mohamed abdullahi mohamed (Farmajo) is the current President of Somalia

On 24 march 2018 Mohamed abdullahi mohamed (Farmajo) his uncle Saciid Maxamuud Warsame  (Saciid Kampala) who works in his office and he was been selected the head of the office security team has committed twice sickening crime of rape in his government office and the Female victim who works in the Presidential office was been paid $35,000 to remain quite.

In the same year July 2018 Saciid Maxamuud Warsame  (Saciid Kampala) has strikes again another female employee from Djabuti the rape case was never been brought into the criminal justice system by farmajos government.

Now Somali public have realised Farmajos family they all have the same Family perception of rapists


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