Video instructions and help with filling out and completing use of strategic interest in somalia

De Barbosa Givi doctor Alma this is Mogadishu first Turkish school more than a hundred students here learn Turkish Arabic English along with other course subjects around a third of the children are housed fed and educated for free the United Nations won’t move its staff to Mogadishu it says it’s too dangerous but Turkish teachers have gone even further and brought their families to live in the city I think you’re a little crazy because really there is security problems here really everyday there are some bombs some parts of Mogadishu but we must help here the turning point came in August last year when Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan traveled to Mogadishu with his wife he was the first non African leader to do so in almost 20 years and he promised to help six months later and Turkey is opened an embassy and built new camps like this one on Mogadishu Scouse line the UN donates far more in terms of money but it’s the Turks who’ve made the biggest impression the Turks are sheltering and feeding more than 12,000 people in this camp they say their focus is humanitarian but there’s no doubt that Turkey sees itself as a growing international power and has a political interest in establishing itself in this part of Africa some people say the Turks are here to counter the influence of Iran in the region for aid workers Turkey is simply a role model of what can be achieved they are an alternative to the UN and after 20 or 20 years of UN and Western policy failure it’s something the Somalis are going to jump it Somalis certainly need all the help they can get the 40 Turkish doctors and nurses in the clinic treats more than a thousand people a day we want to let them feel that we are beside them and assist them to be more strong Turkey has big plans it wants to build a hospital open a university Turkish businesses are investing here while much of the world dismisses Somalia as a failed state turkey is showing the country has potential gnarlie ma cherie al Jazeera Mogadishu

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